Vision Z Wave Shock Sensor


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The VISION Z-Wave Shock Sensor is a smart, battery-powered shock and vibration sensor. This device is capable of sending Z-Wave commands to any associated Z-Wave devices within its Z-Wave network when it detects an excessive shock or vibration on a door/window.

This sensor includes a manual calibration and adjustment element allowing it to adapt its sensitivity to different applications.

The VISION Z-Wave Shock Sensor also features a hidden tamper prevention switch which will notify an associated Z-Wave gateway if the sensor is tampered with.

This device can easily be fitted to any door, window or other item using screws or double sided tape (included). It will also notify its associated Z-Wave gateway whenever the batteries need changing so you can be sure that it is always working as it should.

Integrates with all Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave controllers including:


  • Vera 3/Lite(UI)
  • Vera Edge
  • Homeseer


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